June 22, 2010

2010 Colorado Acts - Probation and the 2-prior Felony Rule

Probation and 2-prior Felony Rule HB 10-1338
a. Section §18-1.3-201 new law passed by the legislature rids us the 2-prior felony rule for most offenses;

b. The 2-prior felony rule still applies to:
                 i.    Murder,
                 ii.   Manslaughter,
                 iii.  Robbery and Aggravated Robbery,
                 iv.  Theft From Person,
                 v.    1st and 2nd degree burglary,
                 vi.   Offenses against kids,
                 vii.  1st or 2nd degree kidnapping,
                 viii. 1st or 2nd degree assault, and
                 ix.    Sex offenses (NOT failing to register).
                 x.     Moreover, the 2-prior felony rule also still applies to attempt or conspiracies to commit any of the aforementioned enumerated crimes.

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