June 21, 2010

2010 Colorado Acts - Drug Offenses

Drug Offenses – HB 10-1352
(1)           Use
a.     Class 2 misdemeanor (in 15 years, I’ve never had the prosecution charge this offense);
(2)           Possession (now with its very own section 18-18-403.5) -
a.     F6 if 4 grams or less of a schedule I or II;
b.    F4 if more than 4 grams of a schedule I or II;
c.     Meth - F6 if 2 grams or less and F4 if more than 2 grams;
d.    M1 for possession of schedule IIIs, IVs, and Vs.
(3)           Distribution to Minors
a.     Mandatory minimum of 4 years, and up to 32 years in prison;
(4)           Marijuana
a.     Open use or display - P2 if 2oz or less, but 15 days jail (yikes!); M2 if more than 2 oz;
b.    Possession – M2 if 2 to 6 oz; M1 if more than 6 oz but less than 12 oz; F6 if more than 12 oz;
c.     Sharing a joint – P2 (transferring or dispensing 2oz or less for no consideration);
d.    “Manufacture” of weed – F4; F3 if 2nd offense
e.     Selling weed – F5 if less than 5 lbs; F4 if 5lbs or more; F3 if 100lbs or more; F3 if 2nd offense.
f.      Selling to Minors – F4 or F3 depending on how much; F3 - selling to anyone under 15 carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 4 years up to 32;
g.    Growing Weed – M1 if 6 plants or less; F5 more than six but less than thirty plants; F4 for 30 or more plants;
(5)           Special Offender
a.     Not possession;
b.    F2 if distributed, introduced, or imported more than 2 grams of Meth or more than 4 grams of a schedule I or II substance;
c.     F2 if defendant or a confederate had access to a firearm in a “manner hat posed a risk others or in a vehicle the defendant was occupying during the commission of the offense.”
(6)           Fraud and Deceit 18-18-415 is now an F6 down from an F5;
(7)           Drug Offender Surcharges 16-11.5-102
a.     “Shall be only used…” for folks who need treatment.

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